Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Prayer Drive

Hi all! I hope and pray everybody is experiencing the peace of God that is so desperately needed during this season. I wanted to share another bible page with you and the inspiration that led me to make it.

Just a few days ago I was driving the long way home after the school drop-off. This is something I do whenever I am feeling stressed and busy and I need to reconnect with God. I call it a prayer drive. You see, I have been going through some heavy stuff lately. God is pruning me big-time! I am learning what bittersweet really means and how he can use all of our pain for good. For his glory. My pain has a purpose. Anyway, while I was driving I started to think about my walk with him and how I don't feel the joy that I used to feel when I first became a christian. I wondered if I would ever really feel how deep and how wide his love is for me. As I tried to remember some verses about love and joy God bought one in particular to my mind. Zephaniah 3:17 "He will rejoice over you with singing!" I had read it before, but this day I started to actually feel it, and not just his love for me but his joy too! The more I focused on it the more I felt it and the stress and sadness started to lift. Just like a lovers serenade he sings over us. Let that sink in for a minute. How amazing is this scripture! Full of hope!

 So I ended up making a cute little book/tip-in with Pink Paper Peppermints Good Cheer digital papercraft kit for my journaling and I stuck that in the margin. It is a christmas themed kit but I thought the falalalala banner and the angel went well with the rejoice/singing feel of the page so I went with it.
I made the flowers with Melissa's beautiful bright papers and the aqua coloured paint is Jo Sonja's Artist's Colours matte fluid acrylic.

I love doing these prayer drives and I feel so blessed to live (we have just moved here) in a rural area full of gum trees and rich orange soil where the air is fresh with the smell of eucalyptus after the rain. Its like living in a giant oil diffuser! I drive with the window down so I can enjoy the surrounding nature which helps me connect with my God.
So blessed!

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